The Most Common Samskaras

What are the most common samskaras?

A samskara is a basic false identification. The general formula: “I am this.”

These, in my experience, are the most common ones:

1.) I am worthless or unworthy. / I must show that I’m worthy, or a valuable asset.

2.) I am alone. / I must do it myself or I must always seek to connect with others.

3.) I am powerless or helpless. / I must always be in control.

4.) I am insignificant; I don’t matter; I’m invisible; I’m irrelevant. / I must be the knower or the doer in order to prove that I am significant.

5.) I am unlovable. / I must be a people pleaser so that they’ll love me.

Self-inquiry reveals that I AM not this, that I AM in the presence or absence of this, and, most basically, that that I AM THAT I AM.