What Is The Difference Between The Soul And Consciousness?

Question: What is the difference between the soul and consciousness?


1. Non-difference

There is a non-difference between the soul and Consciousness (which is usually capitalized). Synthesizing The Upanishads, The Brahma Sutra states, “And the effulgent Self [= Consciousness] appears to be different [from the soul] during activity, as is the case with light etc.; yet (intrinsically) there is non-difference [from the soul] as is evident from repetition (of “That thou art”), my emphasis.

2. Definitions

Soul (jiva): Limited, localized, individuated transmigratory essence; not identical with mind, body, or senses, all of which perish; storehouse for samskaras (innate ego tendencies).

Consciousness (cit): Pure Awareness without objects; THAT which essentially IS; THAT on account of which every manifestation temporarily appears.

3. Truth, Revisited: Direct Pointing

Since Consciousness is what essentially IS, the soul is reducible to Consciousness. Therefore, there really is no soul.