I’m a practical philosopher and entrepreneur

who teaches individuals and organizations how to inquire into the things that matter most. Years ago, I created a philosophy practice in which I speak daily over Skype with entrepreneurs, business executives, artists, the ecologically-minded, and seekers about the nature of a good life. What those I speak with have in common is the thought: “There must be more than this because this is not enough.”

In 2009, I finished a Ph.D., left the academic life, and moved to New York City because I thought the most fundamental question of how to live needed to be brought back into our everyday lives. In its very being, philosophy is a pursuit whose final aim is to help us to lead the most excellent human lives we can: considered, aware, vibrantly alive.

I’m a faculty member in Lougheed leadership at The Banff Centre in Canada, where I train creative leaders, and at Kaos Pilots in Denmark, where I teach social entrepreneurs and enterprising artists. Over the years, I’ve written a number of books addressed to general readers, including The Art of InquiryCultivating Discipline LightlyThe Good Life and Sustaining Life, and, most recently, Money Rules for Simple Living.

My wife Alexandra and I are explorers. Former residents of the Upper East Side in New York City, we began, in 2013, to lead a seasonally nomadic life, one committed to the search for simplicity, beauty, wisdom, and ultimacy. In 2013, we lived, while meditating, for two seasons in very rural Appalachia; we then spent a short stint among the redwoods of Northern California; then a few seasons in remote, fierce Joshua Tree, California; more recently a two-year turn in quiet, contemplative Ojai, California; now three months in Boulder, Colorado, and after that four in Santa Fe, New Mexico.