I. Philosophy

I’m a practical philosopher and a husband.

I ask and seek to answer the most basic questions of human existence with others around the world. In 2009, I finished a Ph.D., left the academic life, and moved to New York City because I thought the most basic question of how to live needed to be brought back into our everyday lives.

Over the years, I’ve been helping executives, technologists, and artists inquire into matters of a fundamental nature. During this time, I’ve worked with individuals at Google, Facebook, Twitter, and various tech and Fintech startups.

Philosophy urges us to wake up to what we have so far taken for granted.

My ideas have been featured in Quartz, The Guardian, Singularity Hub, Big Think, Wisconsin Public Radio, TEDx, The Washington Post, and elsewhere.

My wife Alexandra, a visual artist, and I are living in the American Southwest.

You can learn more about philosophizing with me here.

II. Meditation

I’m essentially a Vedantin with Zen leanings.

I teach meditation in the context of the broader nondual teaching. I accept students who come with the earnest resolve (or sraddha) to Wake Up.

Though I’ve ultimately found a home in Advaita Vedanta, over the past decade I’ve studied and experimented with a number of traditions and practices, including, among others, Zen Buddhism (Soto and Rinzai), Tibetan Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, Christian contemplative practices, and energetic practices. I meditate 4 hours each day and do a weekly one-day and monthly 5-7 daylong meditation intensive.

In the past couple of years, I’ve begun teaching individuals—particularly those in the tech space and in finance—how to meditate in order to be truly free. My approach to teaching combines analytical rigor with compassionate openness.

You can learn more about meditating with me here.