I’m a practical philosopher, Zen Buddhist, and dialogical meditation teacher.

I ask and seek to answer the most basic questions of human existence with others around the world. In 2009, I finished a Ph.D., left the academic life, and moved to New York City because I thought the most basic question of how to live needed to be brought back into our everyday lives. Each day I philosophize with executives, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists–those living in Silicon Valley and Wall Street, in Scandinavia and South America–about the nature of a good life.

Over the years, I’ve been helping executives, technologists, and artists inquire into matters of a fundamental nature. During this time, I’ve worked with individuals at Google, Facebook, Twitter, and various tech and fintech startups. In 2018, I launched Askole, whose point is to help technologists examine what they’re taking for granted.

Philosophy urges us to wake up to what we have so far taken for granted.

My ideas have been featured in Quartz, The Guardian, Singularity Hub, Big Think, Wisconsin Public Radio, TEDx, The Washington Post, and elsewhere. I also give public talks about AI and the future of work, Total Work, and the “philosophical tipping point” (as I put it) that the tech space is now entering.

Since 2013, I’ve been a seasonal nomad. My wife Alexandra, a visual artist, and I are currently exploring the American Southwest.