How We Converse With Each Other

We converse with each other by thinking clearly together.

Beginning and Ending

Each day, I have no more than two philosophical conversations: one in the morning after daybreak and one in the afternoon near dusk. Each involves recruiting the powers of clear thinking.

Before each conversation, I sit in silence. We begin at the exact starting time, though we do not know how long the conversation will last. We draw the conversation to a close once we have arrived at a natural conclusion. Then when we are full of insight.vrp8

Mental Preparation

Each of our conversations will be a contest of ideas; it will involve hard thinking, struggle, mutual interest. Therefore, the mind must be quieted beforehand to make it supple, alert, responsive to the inquiry. Quietness and slowness, then the movement of question and answer. A quiet, still mind makes it possible for you to consider questions dispassionately and for me to push you further and further.



All conversations are conducted in living discourse over Zoom. Our conversation is untimed but tends to last about 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours.

To make Zoom into a platform that is conducive for having philosophical conversations,

  • We find quiet spaces in which to speak.
  • We turn off the video feature on Zoom and turn the brightness of the computer screen down to zero
  • We forget clock time, letting it fade away.
  • Throughout the conversation, we listen for wherever the inquiry is leading us.