Philosophizing Together

travelog52I teach you to live the right thoughts.

Why Self-Examination?

You first come to examine your life when you’re ready to ask the most burning questions of human existence:

“What does it all mean? What am I doing here? What is a life most fully lived?”

Such questions may arise at any time, often when you no longer see the world as self-explanatory but as puzzling, perplexing, even terrifying. These questions urge themselves upon you, inviting and entreating you to consider them in the hope of understanding them as well as yourself. Philosophy is the activity that enables us to find answers we can hold fast to, embrace, and live out.

Philosopher as Guide

As a philosophical guide, I teach individuals how to inquire into the things that matter most. After finishing a Ph.D., I completed training with the APPA in philosophical counseling. Over the past 10 years, I’ve helped individuals put their lives in order and transform their visions of the world.

Readiness for Philosophical Inquiry

Undertaking philosophical inquiry does not require any specialized training in professional philosophy. It requires only that you be alive and receptive to the basic questions of existence.

Individuals open to inquiring into their lives tend to be estranged professionals committed to thinking things through. Many are in their 30s through 60s, most have become financially stable as well as reasonably successful in their chosen professions, and yet all sense that something significant is missing in their lives. Something is strangely off, something mysterious, vague, seemingly indefinable. They seem to be searching for something without knowing what it is and without knowing how to find it. They would like to find out.

Philosophical Conversation

The basic unit of my philosophy practice is a philosophical conversation. Each philosophical conversation consists of one or more inquires. Typically held over Skype and occasionally unfolding through letter exchange, a conversation may last a couple of hours. The duration of any conversation is based on the length of time it takes for us to arrive at good answers to the inquiries we’ve begun. The ultimate goal is not just to think but to live the right thoughts.

Getting In Touch

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